Amethyst – February Birthstone Meanings

What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in February or know someone who was, read on!

About Amethyst

February’s birthstone, the amethyst, is member of the quartz family. Amethysts are generally known for their beautiful purple tones and calming properties.

Meaning Summary

Amethyst is thought of as calming stone which is able to reduce worries and bring peace of mind. In addition, it has long been thought to increase sobriety and prevent the wearer from becoming drunk!

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  • Personal Meaning
  • Physical: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties
  • How to use

Personal Meaning

Birthstones such as amethyst may have a personal meaning to you. Many people choose to wear their own birthstone or that of their partner or children. For example, some choose a ring with single stone, multiple stones or multiple stacking rings with a single gemstone in each.

Amethyst Ring February Birthstone
Amethyst Ring
By Hogan

Physical: Energy and Healing Properties

Amethysts have long been used for sobriety, both to prevent intoxication and to remove the effects of alcohol. It is also used to help with withdrawal, recovery and reduce addictions to other substances such as drugs and smoking.
The ancient Egyptians used the stone to represent the zodiac sign of the goat and since the goat was the natural enemy of a vineyard, it was thought to be the antidote to wine. Indeed, the Greeks thought that if you drank from a cup made in its entirety of amethyst, you would have more clarity and not get drunk at all.
Amethyst is also used as a general healing stone and assists with a wide a variety of conditions.

Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties

Amethyst brings calm and soothes the spirit. Reducing stress and revitalizing after removing tension. It is often useful to increase intuition and bring clarity.
It’s properties make it valuable for meditation.

Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties

Amethyst is a soothing and calming mineral. It is said to help a person find sincerity, peace of mind, freedom from passion and care as in the Gregorian birthstone poem for February and amethyst.
It also brings stability and balance.

Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties

Amethyst can improve and strengthen relationships.

Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties

Amethyst is said to belong to the crown chakra and third eye. It is also associated with the heart chakra. It brings balance and reduces negative energy.
Amethyst is part of the quartz family and therefore inherits properties from the group.

How to use

Wearing jewlery, having it in your home and sleeping with it under your pillow are all common ways to benefit from amethyst.

Additional Information

Amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire were all considered ‘cardinal’ gemstones with high valve placed upon them. Amethyst ceased to be as valuable in the late 18th century when large deposits were found in Brazil.

Note: The energy, healing and balancing properties of gemstones/birthstones/minerals are there to support you, NOT to replace any medical advice, treatment or prescriptions. Please consult your doctor and healthcare professionals for any medical concerns/conditions you may have.  
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