Aquamarine – March Birthstone Meanings

What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in March or know someone who was, read on!

About Aquamarine

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, is a beautiful light blue gemstone. It can also be found in a deep blue to bluish green color depending on the impurities present. It is in the same gemstone family as emerald (beryl).
March also has another birthstone, heliotrope, more commonly known as bloodstone.

Meaning Summary

Aquamarine brings courage and bravery to the wearer as well as faith and friendship. It is a soothing and calming gemstone that keeps the wearer healthy.
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  • Personal Meaning
  • Physical: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties
  • How to use

Personal Meaning

Birthstones such as aquamarine may have a personal meaning to you. Many people choose to wear their own birthstone or that of their partner or children. For example, some choose a ring with single stone, multiple stones or multiple stacking rings with a single gemstone in each.

Aquamarine Brooch
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Physical: Energy and Healing Properties

Aquamarine brings good health and protection.
Aquamarines were said to have been a talisman of the Roman god Neptune. In ancient times, sailors considered this stone to bring good luck on a safe and lucrative journey. It was even thought to protect them from sea monsters. The ancient Greeks wore amulets made of aquamarine with an engraving of Poseidon. It is also believed that aquamarine is the lost treasure of mermaids.
Today aquamarine is still said to protect the wearer on journeys that cross seas, oceans and other water.

Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties

Aquamarine, meaning “sea water”, reminds us of the sea and crystal clear calm waters. Bringing soothing and calming energies is one of the the key characteristics of this silicate mineral.
Due to its water like features it is said to be a great gemstone for personal clarity and reflection. It can help during meditation to clear thoughts and allow insight into the true meaning of thoughts.

Aquamarine Stone
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Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties

March’s birthstone brings wisdom and bravery as in the Gregorian birthstone poem for March and Aquamarine.
It is said to boost confidence and bring stability and balance.  It can also reduce stress and bring calm.

Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties

Loyalty, friendship and faithfulness are all promoted by aquamarine. It is believed to aid in communication and bring clarity to situations and discussions.

Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties

Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra. In modern times it is considered to be a great aid to presentations, public speaking, singing, etc. It allows for clarity in conveying a message, reduces the fear of speaking and relaxes the wearer.
Resonating with the heart chakra, it is a useful gemstone to aid with personal truths, insights and openness.

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How to use

Wearing jewlery, having it in your home and sleeping with it under your pillow are all common ways to benefit from aquamarine.

Additional Information

Note: The energy, healing and balancing properties of gemstones/birthstones/minerals are there to support you, NOT to replace any medical advice, treatment or prescriptions. Please consult your doctor and healthcare professionals for any medical concerns/conditions you may have.  
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