En Cabochon

A ‘cabochon’ is a way of processing a gemstone. It is a way of polishing and shaping a gemstone as an alternative to it being cut and faceted. Such as the moonstone jewelry in the image above. A gemstone ‘en cabochon’ normally has a smooth rounded convex front face and a flat back. It is often …

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The History Of Birthstones

Many cultures link a person’s date or month of birth to attributes of character or personality. Gemstones, also assigned their own unique qualities, became associated with the various months in order to match the character of those born in the month, or to bring special good luck or fortune that those born in any month …

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Gregorian Birthstone Poems

The Gregorian birthstone poems are often used to remember the month and associated gemstone. In addition, they detail the values and meanings behind the birthstone. The concepts were around for some time beforehand but were formalised into this collection by Tiffany and Co in 1870 and published in a pamphlet with an unknown author. January …

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