Garnet – January Birthstone Meanings

What does my birthstone mean? If you were born in January or know someone who was, read on!

About Garnet

Garnet, January’s birthstone, is a very popular, beautiful and durable gemstone. It is typically found in metamorphic rocks and comes in nearly all colors. Deep red is the most popular for jewelry and birthstones.

Meaning Summary

Garnet is thought of as a healing stone as well as being used to improve relationships and personal balance. It promotes true friendship, constancy and fidelity.
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  • Personal Meaning
  • Physical: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties
  • Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties
  • How to use

Personal Meaning

Birthstones such as garnet may have a personal meaning to you. Many people choose to wear their own birthstone, or perhaps that of their partner or children. For example, some choose a ring with multiple stones in, some choose multiple stacking rings with a single gemstone in each.

Garnet Birthstone Ring
Garnet Birthstone Ring

Physical: Energy and Healing Properties

Garnet is well thought of as a healing stone and can support and speed up recovery for a wide a variety of conditions. It is believed to help restore and rejuvenate and well as heal and promote good well being.
Garnet is also thought to have properties for improving sensuality and sexuality.
It is also believed to protect the wearer from being wounded.

Spiritual: Energy and Healing Properties

A revitalizing stone, garnets are said to bring calmness, strengthen the spirit and improve personal resolve. It is said to offer protection during travel, from nightmares and evil.

Emotional and Mental: Energy and Healing Properties

Happiness is found when using garnet. This may be from the increased healing properties and better relationships.
It also increases hope and faith.

Relationship: Energy and Healing Properties

Garnet is believed to enhance relationships. It is said to promote true friendship, constancy and fidelity as in the Gregorian birthstone poem for January and Garnet.
Constancy is the personal quality of being constantly faithful, dependable and steadfast in love and loyalty to others and oneself. It brings about trust in relationships.
Fidelity ensures faithfulness to ones partner or duties.

Chakra: Energy, Healing and Balancing Properties

Garnet is said to belong to the root chakra and is also associated with the heart chakra. It brings balance and reduces negative energy.

How To Use

Wearing jewlery, having it in your home and sleeping with it under your pillow are all common ways to benefit from garnet.

Additional Information

Note: The energy, healing and balancing properties of gemstones/birthstones/minerals are there to support you, NOT to replace any medical advice, treatment or prescriptions. Please consult your doctor and healthcare professionals for any medical concerns/conditions you may have.  
Don’t forget to comment on what garnet means to you.
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